In keeping with the YWEA mission and vision, the 2018 “YWEA European Renaissance Project” will be sending the Light across Europe. By joining forces with the Girls Ministry Department, YWEA will make a lasting impact in the lives of girls and boys across Europe.

YWEA began 55 years ago as a cooperative effort between Youth & Discipleship and World Missions.  Over 57 projects have been completed and over $38,000,000.00 raised by Church of God young people.  It is the youth missions arm of the Youth & Discipleship department which includes:

  • Funding & Supporting Global Youth
  • Ministries
  • Building Ministry Training Centers
  • Rescuing & Caring for Children
  • Conducting Leadership &
  • Discipleship Training
  • Planting New Churches
  • Inner City Outreach
  • Building & Supporting Orphanages
  • Disaster Relief

The spiritual decline in Europe over the past 30 years has created spiritual darkness that has far reaching affects. The percentage of Christians in several European countries is now less than 5%.  During the same period of time, the number of Atheists and Islamic followers have greatly increased. Between 2008 and 2013, approximately 1,552 of protestant and mainline Churches closed in Europe and the need for a new wave of Church Planters is crucial so we can send the light of Jesus across Europe.


Possibly the hardest hit group during this drastic spiritual decline has been the children of Europe.  Often a Godless culture that lacks hope seeks alcohol or drugs to try and cope with the voids and pains of life.  An example of this is found in the European country of Ukraine. The affects have been catastrophic with 40% of deaths among men due to alcohol, while death among women due to drinking is still a staggering 22%.  As Drug & Alcohol addiction increases, the mistreatment, neglect, and exploitation of the country’s young children increases. In Ukraine, there are thousands of orphaned and abandoned children living on the streets and seeking refuge in the underground sewage tunnels.

With spiritual darkness looming over Europe and its massive Cities, we must act NOW by SENDING THE LIGHT ACROSS EUROPE.  YWEA 2018 is motived by a desire to create a Spiritual European Renaissance impacting Europe in the following four ways:

PARTNER with “Send the Light to the Cities” to help establish Ministry Training Centers in the world-class Cities of Paris and Amsterdam

The Church of God currently has less than 20 Churches in the country of France.  The population of the metropolitan area surrounding France’s largest city, Paris is home to over 10 Million people who are in desperate need of vibrant Church Plants to share the Light of Jesus.

Another mega-city in darkness is Amsterdam.  This city is known globally as a “Sin City” where drugs and prostitution are legal. This misguided culture is full of dark strongholds and, currently Amsterdam has no Church of God congregation in the city limits.

Our goal is to plant training centers in both Paris & Amsterdam to birth Church Plants that will send the light across these Cities and Europe.

HELP RESCUE & PROVIDE for orphan and abandoned boys and girls at 3 Orphanages in Ukraine

Ukraine is on the verge of financial and spiritual bankruptcy.  While alcohol is the leading cause of death for men and most women, this country has also been the worst affected nation by HIV / AIDS in all of Europe.  This alcohol and drug epidemic creates horrific lives for innocent children that are neglected, abandoned, and orphaned. In an effort to fend for themselves many try to survive in abandoned buildings or underground in sewage tunnels.

In this dark and cruel reality, the Church of God has 3 Orphanages providing for over 130 boys and girls. At our Orphanages they experience love, a safe place to live, and an environment where they can meet their Heavenly Father.

Our goal is to help meet the monthly physical needs of the children by providing food, clothing, shelter, education, and most importantly the knowledge of Jesus their Savior.

PROVIDE FINANCIAL SUPPORT to “Europe’s Child” as we help Roma Children attend Youth Camp so they can encounter Jesus’s love.

In addition, we will help provide training for Children’s & Youth leaders across Europe.

JOIN FORCES with the “European Theological Seminary” in Germany to help train Church Planters and Church Leaders from multiple European countries so they can return to their countries to spread the light of Jesus.

We need your help!  Each of these ministry projects are crucial.  You can make a difference by joining  YWEA as together we “Send the Light Across Europe”!  Spiritual Darkness responds to the Light of Truth and sending the Light Across Europe is only possible through the prayers and financial assistance of local churches and individuals across America.

We encourage pastors and leaders to support this vital initiative by praying for Europe and making a commitment to YWEA 2018. Your financial backing and support will make the YWEA dream a reality.